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Business Partners

FareShare can help you achieve your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives

There are now new and unique opportunities for FareShare to work together with your company to develop mutually beneficial, integrated partnerships through an understanding of your CSR objectives and the priorities of your business.

Supporting our projects would help ensure your company has the biggest possible impact on the community and environment in which both organisations operate.

And at the same time , you can actively engage employees, customers and key stakeholders.

Staff engagement

From hands-on involvement in helping at our food depots during dedicated Team Volunteer Days, through to putting the skills and expertise of your staff into action, all FareShare projects have opportunities to engage your staff and colleagues from across your business.

A Team Volunteer Day, for example, aims to give your staff a chance to get involved at the very heart of the FareShare food operation, working alongside our regular volunteers to help deliver food to the community organisations we support, whilst team building for your staff.


Another way of raising funds is to build sponsorship pages for events to benefit FareShare.

Positive Marketing and Sponsorship

There is also a huge range of opportunities to celebrate the partnership and strengthen the brand of both organisations, engaging customers, staff and other stakeholders, including:

  1. Cause Related Marketing – focused, creative and engaging CRM opportunities: E.g. Percentage of the sale price of a product supporting our work

  2. Sponsorship – including FareShare vehicles, information leaflets and events

Please contact the team to discuss the opportunities, ideas and previous successful campaigns and promotions, which would help to:

  1. Enhance your brand through association with a charity that is trusted to deliver long-term practical solutions for vulnerable people in the community and a cause that consumers care about.

  2. Position the company as an expert in the field of social responsibility and as a promoter of best practice.

Contact Us

To discuss Employer Supported Volunteering with FareShare Gt Manchester please call: Nick Carr-Brown, General Manager on 0161 223 8200 option 4