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pianoOur most recent creative '3Rs' accomplishment has been the "flowery piano" we reclaimed and planted up for the Manchester Jazz Festival and which received further acclaim thanks to Dig the City, Manchester's Garden Festival, who invited us to show off! Huge thanks to Peter Davys of Orrest (photographed here) who's tenacity and carpentry skills pulled off this project!

Pop Up Shop

robotsThanks to support from CBRE and the Prupim and local upcycling craftswoman-come-entrepreneur, Lisa O'Brien, we opened our 'Pop Up Shop' in June 2013 at Brazennose House West, off Albert Square. We are delighted to have this exciting opportunity to support many upcycling local arts and crafts-folk who use a wide range of materials and skills to produce beautiful items and gifts. We also sell bric-a-brac, second hand books, records, clothes and shoes plus our own Touch Wood products. Our very own charity shop at last! For more info or to get involved, please call our office 0161 223 8200.

Waste Audits

An EMERGE Waste Audit is a useful process for examining what materials and wastes are generated by your business.
The service can range from a single day snapshot, to multiple strategic audits in which EMERGE studies the quantity and types of waste produced. The data gathered proves useful in reassessing waste costs and discovering resources that can be reclaimed instead of thrown away.

"EMERGE made the process very easy and convenient for us. There were no interruptions to work and yet the findings have enabled us to begin to make great changes in the way we manage, and think about, waste.
These changes will, we hope, result in us reducing costs as well as our environmental impact. I would recommend the EMERGE Waste Audit to any company serious about reducing their waste."

Bruce Learner, Community and Social Responsibility Manager, Kellogg’s UK

It's estimated that the true average cost of waste is usually 10 times the cost of disposal and it can be up to 4% of an organisation's turnover. An environmental or waste audit would help your company to identify savings and investigate options to increase you sustainability.

Social enterprise

Social enterprise has enjoyed an ever-increasing profile over the last few years, though its origins stretch back as far as the 19th century.

Social enterprises have no private shareholders – all profits are directed straight back into the business for the benefit of customers, staff and ultimately the wider community.

As part of our core ethos, we seek to employ paid or voluntary members of the local community, including students and individuals with learning or behavioural difficulties, thus providing local work, training and personal development opportunities.

We strive to be accountable to the wider communities we serve, but we need your input to help us achieve this. You can become a member of EMERGE and have a say in what we do.