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Touch Wood

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Touch Wood: Collections, Sale & Upcycling of Waste Wood

EMERGE works with the National Community Wood Recycling Project (NCWRP) collecting redundant wood from construction sites. Because our volunteers use the waste wood to hand-make funky, practical products, we are also interested in reclaiming other pre-loved timber from any source, so do call us if you want to see your waste wood reused or recycled! We also sell reclaimed wood for DIY and to builders, etc. So, if you want to acquire any wood, our workshop is in A36 on New Smithfield Market.

Based in Unit A36 on New Smithfield Market M11 2WJ we open Mon-Fri, 8.30-5 (or outside of these hours by arrangement where possible). Pop by and visit our wood store today! Give us a quick bell to check availability of specific items or to discuss commissioning a bespoke product Tel 0161 223 8200 option 2, 5 or 6.

Contact us below for more information on how we can create you a bespoke handmade product.

Please note, the prices quoted in our catalogue may be subject to changes due to the vagaries of reclaimed wood supplies and demand. Where we have use the words "From £..." this means that prices may start from £... But they may be subject to change. VAT is now applicable to all our products, charged at 20%. We endeavour to ensure that our prices are competitive in the market place, whilst not charging so little that our organisation is unsustainable (we are a social business after all).


Download the Touch Wood Product Catalogue