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Here are some examples of the products we have made, or can make for you. Each product is handmade and is therefore unique. For your bespoke measurements or designs, please give us a call. Scroll to the bottom to download our Product Catalogue.

Please ring us to place an order and to arrange collection of your goods: 0161 223 8200

Limited Edition: Great Christmas Gifts!

Chunky coaster matChunky Coaster Mat £5 Each.

Skinny coaster matSkinny Coaster Mat. £20 For Set of 6.

Small Paddle PlatterSmall Paddle Platter With Side Pattern Detail. £18.

Small Paddle Platter £18


Coffin Shaped PlatterCoffin Shaped Platter. £18

Medium Round Chopping Board / PlatterMedium Round Chopping Board / Platter. £20

Large Round Chopping Board / PlatterLarge Round Chopping Board / Platter. £24.

Oblong Chopping Board / PlatterOblong Chopping Board / Platter. £20

Square Chopping Board / PlatterSquare Chopping Board / Platter. £20

Large Paddle PlatterLarge Paddle Platter. £35


planter jazzCable Reel Table & Planter

photo alternative text...Shelving Unit

shelvingShelving Unit No 2

rackWine Rack - 3 bottles

rack 5Wine Rack - 5 bottles, upright

box1Hamper Box No 1

toolsTool Box

officeOffice Divider

jazzPicket Fence

Shell and AlanGarden Shed


Download our current Product Catalogue...

Please note, the prices quoted in our catalogue may be subject to changes due to the vagaries of reclaimed wood supplies and demand. Where we have use the words "From £..." this means that prices may start from £... But they may be subject to change. VAT is now applicable to all our products, charged at 20%. We endeavour to ensure that our prices are competitive in the market place, whilst not charging so little that our organisation is unsustainable (we are a social business after all).


Download the Touch Wood Product Catalogue