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The Touch Wood Story

We offer friendly, personal service and timber products with a handmade finish. Touch Wood is committed to making as big a contribution as possible to environmental improvement and social justice.

Each product is made from recycled wood which we collect from construction sites throughout the North West. Previously, this discarded wood would have been sent to landfill or burned on site.

Where it all began

In April 2013, we started the Touch Wood recycling venture as a member of the National Community Wood Recycling Project (NCWRP).

How it works

We bring the wood back to our depot in Manchester, where it is sorted and divided between stock for sale to our customers and stock for our workshop. This reduces the carbon footprint of the construction industry, cost savings for DIY enthusiasts and job potential to our volunteers.

In the workshop Touch Wood’s qualified joiners work with and provide support and training to our volunteers, often job-seekers. The team takes great pride in their work and produce wooden products to a very high standard, for sale to the public.

This helps to improve volunteers confidence and self-esteem and gain or improve transferable skills that will help them get into paid employment, making way for a new team of volunteers.

Our range has grown very organically and many of our products began life as bespoke or 'one offs'.

Standing the test of time

Wood is a material that just seems to get better with age, a little nick here or a scuff there, all add to the character of our products.

Buy from Touch Wood and you will find good, solid, reliable products that will stand the test of time, age gracefully and leave you with a smile of contentment.

Environment and people friendly

When you buy from Touch Wood, your purchase not only offers a new lease of life to a piece of timber and reduces the need to cut down virgin forest, but you will also be helping a disadvantaged person gain the confidence and skills needed to live a richer life.

Some ideas come from the public and others from teachers, pupils and of course our own volunteers.

Wherever the inspiration may come from, we are constantly seeking ideas to nurture children's imaginations and social development.  

Free design service

Touch Wood is a firmly established and trusted supplier to schools, nurseries and children’s centres, as well as homeowners and businesses. So, if you are planning your outdoor area or would like to discuss a bespoke product of any sort, please take the time to look at our product range, contact Touch Wood for our friendly service, take advantage of our free design service and begin your journey with us.

The Touch Wood team are on hand to offer inspiration and free advice. Please call us on 0161 223 8200