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Classic service

For inside your offices...

officeWe can provide bins for placing inside your workplace and visit on an agreed frequency to collect your source-separated materials direct from the bin. Materials we collect include those from the list below. Ask us about any other waste materials you generate.

Get a Quotation Today* Paper (various grades)
* Confidential waste paper
* Cardboard
* Glass
* Cans
* Plastic bottles
* Toner cartridges
* Mobile phones
* CDs
* IT and electrical equipment
* Fluorescent tubes
* White goods appliances
* General-purpose batteries
* Food waste collections

moreThis unique and personal service caters to your company's individual needs, whether you are looking for a simple paper collection or a range of materials collected from your offices. Collections from an accessible central point attract a discount.

External services: Commercial Bins

For all your source-separated materials: Cardboard, paper, food, metal, plastics, residual waste

other options tooWe can provide 240L and 1100L wheeled bins and empty them on an agreed frequency from an external location for a range of source-separated materials for recycling. We can offer a similar external bin service for residual waste for disposal.