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Waste reduction, reuse and recycling benefits the environment and your school’s image, setting a great example to your students and the wider community. We can support you with waste and recycling collection services and advice on 3Rs education.

Protect the environment
The minimum a school will throw away per term is half a tonne of paper; that’s eight trees! (Waste online: Work on Waste at School)

. The more you recycle, the less waste is buried in landfill where it rots and pollutes for generations or gets burned and the resource permanently lost.

Save money
The average school pays £300 to 1,000 a year on waste disposal. (Waste online: Work on Waste at School)

By diverting waste away from your disposal bins towards your recycling service, you may save money on waste disposal costs. The cost of recycling should at least be the same as throwing your waste in a landfill, but recycling brings you the added value of tackling climate change, educating students about the 3Rs and setting the right example.

Meet government targets

  1. Provide evidence of fulfilling 'Every Child Matters' outcomes in your OFSTED inspections and SEFs

  2. Meet DFES 'Five Year Strategy for Children and Learners' targets that every school should have an effective and recycling policy by 2009.

  3. Progress can be reported to DFES in your S3form

  4. Provide a basis for innovative educational activities which complement and support curriculum based learning.

EMERGE offers a regular recycling service for schools in Manchester and surrounds
We offer a regular internal collection service on a subscription basis.

 EMERGE crew members will visit your school on an agreed schedule and empty your bins from one or two central locations.

  1. To help the service run smoothly, a dedicated adult coordinator will be needed to work alongside a group of pupils who ‘champion’ the service.

The materials will be transferred to the collection points by the team of staff and pupil recycling champions, whose responsibilities could also include encouraging participation, attending workshops and assisting with the smooth running of all recycli